Breast Enlargement

Can you imagine how great you’d feel if you had the womanly curves you’ve always wanted? You can have a bigger bust that looks natural and will achieve the proportions you used to think were just a dream beyond your reach.
Happiness is within your reach. The first step you should take is to call Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute at
647-955-4495 to book your consultation with Board Certified Plastic Surgeron Dr. Jugenburg so you can talk about your Toronto breast augmentation. As an experienced and highly qualified surgeon who is licensed to practice in the province of Ontario, he has also perfected the Scarless Breast Augmentation technique.

Toronto Breast Enlargement

Because breast enlargement can achieve the most satisfying results for women of any cosmetic procedure, it has become the most popular surgery performed by Dr. Jugenburg at Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute. This guarantees that you will be treated by a Plastic Surgeon who has performed numerous breast augmentation procedures with overwhelmingly successful results. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the reasons why Dr. Jugenburg is a well known and respected Cosmetic Surgeon, with a patient base that is comprised of referrals from 90% of his current and previous patients! You may be so pleased with your great results that you’ll also refer your family and close friends like his other happy patients.

Make your wish come true

You’ll be able to increase the size of your breasts in a state of the art facility staffed by a surgeon and medical staff dedicated to the most advanced techniques and technologies.
You can: enhance the contour of your body with improved proportions add volume that will achieve the fullness you desire acquire a look that will be admired by those near and far make the size of your breasts more symmetrical
Undergo breast augmentation, and you’ll finally be happier with your body and your appearance.

In only an hour

While preparation and recovery make up the majority of your experience, your actual surgery only lasts about an hour or less. This is because Dr. Jugenburg has performed the breast augmentation procedure so many times and he believes that the period during which a patient remains under anesthesia should be minimized, therefore he applies techniques that are ultra-efficient. The results you want are achieved faster and with less stress to your body. You’ll be able to come in for your surgery, then return home on the exact same day. It’s just a matter of hours.
Your results will be natural in appearance – so much so that people won’t be able to tell you’ve had “something done”. Dr. Jugenburg follows a formula for a
beautiful bustline.
Please note that breast augmentation can only augment the size of the breasts – not address sagging. For the correction of sagging breasts, a
breast lift or breast lift with implants may be better for you.
breast augmentation results