Breast Lift Toronto

Aging, pregnancy, breast feeding, dramatic weight fluctuations – once full and perky, your breasts are now droopy and saggy as a result. Not only do you feel like your body is less attractive, your sense of confidence and self esteem have plummeted as well, much like your bustline. No amount of special creams, exercise or fancy contraptions will ever rejuvenate the firmness of your breasts, and your only solution to a more youthful body contour is a breast lift. Love your body, again. Get back the curves you’ve lost with a Toronto breast lift, performed by Dr. Martin Jugenburg at Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute. Call 647-955-4495 now to book your complimentary consultation with Dr. Jugenburg, a well known and respected Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who will help you become one of his highly satisfied patients.

Toronto Breast Lift

Choosing to undergo a breast lift or mastopexy is your choice. If you want a more youthful body contour, you’ll certainly appreciate all a breast lift can do for you.
However, mastopexy is not for every woman. Are you part of the select few who can take advantage of this cosmetic surgery procedure, resulting in the fantastic life-improving benefits for your body and mind? You may be, only if you are:
  • generally healthy, psychologically and physically.
  • at a stable weight, or have reached it before your surgery.
  • able to have realistic expectations.
  • upset about how saggy your breasts have become.
  • dislike the shape of your breasts now because they’re too flat at the top, long or  pendulous.
  • unhappy with the large shape and lower location of your areolas.
  • embarrassed about how one breast sags more than the other.

You’ll talk to Dr. Jugenburg in your initial consultation to see whether you can get the results you want from this surgery. Unlike other cosmetic clinics in Toronto, you’ll meet with Dr. Jugenburg in your initial consultation so you’ll get the factually accurate responses you want regarding your medical procedure. You won’t meet with a salesperson who has no medical background and who is just interested in making a fast buck. In addition, you won’t have to pay anything because this consultation is totally free.
Your breasts will continue to sag with every passing day. There is nothing you can do to prevent the inevitable, except for one thing: talk to us at 647-955-4495 about your breast lift.
Please note that a breast lift can only correct the sagginess of your breasts and may reduce their size in doing so. To improve the size of your breasts and correct ptosis, a
breast lift with augmentation may be more appropriate to achieve the best results.