Breast Surgery Toronto

Improve your appearance, boost your self confidence and enjoy life without the detrimental effects that low self confidence can have on your mental and physical state. Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute offers a full range of Breast Surgery procedures, performed by Dr. Martin Jugenburg, a Board Certifiied and highly experienced Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon.

BREAST AUGMENTATION Boost volume in your breasts for a fuller, sexier contour.

SCARLESS BREAST AUGMENTATION A virtually invisible scar following surgery, achieved by techniques that are customized for every skin type.

REVISION BREAST AUGMENTATION You shouldn’t have to live with results you’re not happy with. Undergo a Revision Breast Augmentation to correct the problem.

BREAST LIFT (MASTOPEXY) You can have breasts that don’t sag, droop or flatten out.

BREAST LIFT and AUGMENTATION Get more volume plus lift in a single surgery.

BREAST RECONSTRUCTION If you are a breast cancer survivor who has had a mastectomy, you may choose this procedure to restore your female contours as well as improve your body image and self confidence.

BREAST IMPLANTS TORONTO Many women have become more and more curious about breast implants Toronto in efforts to achieve the preferred breast shape and size that they desire. Some are motivated by sheer personal preference while others are motivated by other societal forces.

BREAST ENLARGEMENT TORONTO – HOW TO EXERCISE AFTER SURGERY One of the big questions for breast enlargement Toronto is how to exercise post-surgery. After you have undergone the procedure, there are many steps that you will need to take to ensure proper healing time and begin a normal routine with your life.

COHESIVE GEL IMPLANTS TORONTO – PROS AND CONS Cohesive gel implants are the new alternative to standard silicone implants. They have been used for nearly one decade in countries such as Europe but are still relatively new in North America.