Scarless Breast Augmentation

You want to undergo breast augmentation to improve how you look and how you feel about yourself, and you expect only natural-appearing results without any visible signs of surgery. And most importantly, that means you won’t have any visible scars. That’s definitely not too much to ask, and we wholeheartedly agree.
Get a hotter body without anybody knowing you’ve had a little help. Call 647-955-4495 for a Toronto Scarless Breast Augmentation procedure at Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute.

Toronto Scarless Breast Augmentation

The biggest problem with breast augmentation is that it can achieve results that are so obviously “fake”. There’s no way you’re going to spend your time and money on getting a result that is less than ideal.

It’s the skill of your Plastic Surgeon that determines a successful outcome. With 90% of his current and past patients referring him to family and close friends, Dr. Jugenburg will implement the most advanced techniques that he’s perfected for your Scarless Breast Augmentation to get the results you want. His expertise is fostered by experience in performing the most complex reconstructive surgery on cancer and trauma victims, as well as a medical education that has been distinguished by achievements recognized by his peers and internationally acclaimed Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, with which he has trained under and worked. Your procedure will be handled with infinite care to create a flawless result that is the consequence of his superior skill.

What you get:
  • Absolutely NO scars on your breasts because they’ll be hidden in your armpit.
  • Scars that aren’t visible, even when you lift your arm.
  • Fuller breasts that are beautiful and natural-looking.
  • More projection of your breasts for an attractive, feminine body contour.
  • Breasts that are aesthetically pleasing, for yourself (and others!).
  • The freedom of not feeling embarrassed about your body. You’ll be proud of your curves after your surgery with Dr. Jugenburg!

Your procedure leaves no visible scars and a body contour that people will think you were born with. Dr. Jugenburg will achieve this by performing transaxillary breast augmentation, applying techniques that have been customized for your specific skin type and shade.

Scarless Breast Augmentation By The Transaxillary Approach

In order to remove the scar completely from the breast, leaving the skin totally untouched, the transaxillary approach of breast augmentation is performed. This means that the scar remains well hidden in the armpit, camouflaged by an existing crease so that even when you lift your arms, you won’t be able to see any sign of surgery. ABSOLUTELY NO scars are located on your breasts.
While saline implants have long remained the only option to women who receive the transaxillary approach, Dr. Jugenburg’s superior skill means that you may also choose silicone (cohesive gel) implants up to a certain size if you prefer them. This is unprecedented; you will not find this option at most other cosmetic surgery clinics in the world and is available to you only because Dr. Jugenburg has perfected this advanced technique.
You want to have beautiful, larger breasts that have NO scars. Be one of the few carefully selected patients who have dramatically improved their life with Scarless Breast Augmentation by Dr. Jugenburg, a well known and respected Plastic Surgeon.
Scarless breast augmentation toronto
Can you see the scar?

Scarless Breast Augmentation by the Periareolar Approach

Periareolar approach, also known as 'around the nipple' is another excellent way to hide the scars. In the right patient, the scar are placed such that they are invisible even when looking directly at the breast

Periareolar scars toronto